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The benefits of a threesome?
Idag 11:26#1 

Medlem sedan:
Aug 11, 2020
If you are in a relationship and your partner has agreed to the experiment, you need to carefully consider the choice of a third party. This candidate, of course, must be sympathetic to both; · You don't know whether you will like this format of sex game and whether you will feel comfortable, so you need to choose a stop word that will be a signal for others to stop; · Sexologists and lovers of such experiments recommend to refrain from carnal pleasures for several days before implementing the plan and include foods enriched with aphrodisiacs in your diet; · Think in advance of the meeting place (rented apartment, sauna, hotel room, etc.); In such a piquant matter, the right attitude is important. Try to keep the decor and environment appropriate. Subdued light, unobtrusive music, lit candles will set the right tone for the meeting; You will definitely want to drink and eat. Remember that strong alcohol and heavy snacks are not acceptable in this case. It is better to stock up (in moderation) with wine and fruit. Be sure to consider the preferences of all actors; · For security reasons, it is necessary to provide for all the nuances. Make sure you have lube, condoms, and disinfectants handy.

Idag 11:39#2 

Medlem sedan:
Aug 11, 2020
Is it worth it to worry so much about such problems, if they themselves are not very worried. It is best to find a great couple for a pleasant relationship as described in this article and have a great time together. Probably each of us dreams about it, so go to the unique link and you will understand where to find the sea of love and sex.
MyLoan - Jämför billån

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