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2022-02-04, 10:36#1 

Medlem sedan:
Aug 11, 2020

In principle, to find a girl for the night, you can use the Internet. There are a lot of bored girls on the net on Friday night who have not gone anywhere, but are not averse to meeting.

However, this method has many disadvantages:

The level of girls you can seduce in this way is almost always far below those you find in the establishments of the city. Or rather, all high-quality women hang out somewhere on Friday and Saturday evenings. They don't sit on the Internet.
First you need to prepare your account for seduction - post high-quality photos, and write the correct statuses.
Any girl can come to the meeting from the Internet. And this is the harsh truth of life. In the photo of dating sites there can be a pretty girl, and that monster will come to the meeting. In this case, the evening will also be spoiled.
Time spent: 2-4 hours

So you've decided that you won't be alone tonight. You put yourself in order, you smell great, you are calm and confident. Also - you have chosen a place where you will go hunting. Now - you need to go and find the very girl with whom you will spend tonight.

Time spent: 1 hour

Of course you are determined. You walked, rode, gathered - you are full of strength and energy. But, no matter how strong and self-confident you are, to come to an institution and in 10 minutes leave it with a girl - you are unlikely to succeed.

Girls, yes, they came there to meet and find company for the night. But - they also want to have a good time. besides - you just came and run around with hungry eyes. Girls already perfectly understand what you are looking for. And they are even ready for this - but it will be necessary to observe some social rituals that will allow the girl to feel comfortable even after a night with a stranger.

So - come to the place you have chosen, just have a drink, relax, have a good time. Chat with your friends. Become your own in this place at this time.

Time spent: 0.5 hours

So, you got used to the institution. You are calm, confident, everyone is used to you. But - if you sit at your table, alone or with a friend - nothing will happen. Girls will not run to meet you themselves, no matter how good you are.

Also - if you immediately go to meet the chosen beauty - this also may not seem very appropriate. So - be friendly, and communicate with people around you. In establishments, tables are often arranged in such a way that it is easy to exchange phrases with neighbors.

Of course - you should not shout loudly at the whole hall, but no one forbids you to start a conversation with the next table.

You have a goal for tonight. You're out hunting and you need a woman. You don't want to marry her, you don't want to have a relationship with her. You want to have sex with her - today.

Therefore, you will need to find exactly the woman who has the same goals as you. Definitely - it is unlikely that you will stumble upon one right away. You will most likely have to chat with several girls before you realize that this one is ready to go with you right now.

Don't make the fatal mistake of sticking with a girl just because she seems nice to you and is friendly to you. As soon as you understand that it is with this girl that nothing will work out today (we will talk about how to determine this later), leave this girl and move on to the next one.

You can take her phone number and meet later. But today - you are busy with something completely different. Be focused.

As soon as you find a suitable option, concentrate on this girl. A little later, I will tell you how to accurately determine the girl who is ready to go home with you today. But - the main principles are the same as with an ordinary girl: she laughs at your jokes, she touches you herself, reacts normally to your touches, asks personal questions, preens, and shows herself, try to appear to you in the best possible light.

Finding such a girl - concentrate on her. This is your option for today. It is with this girl that you will go home to have sex. If you leave a girl who responds well to you in search of a girl who will respond even better, sooner or later you will be left without a girl at all.
2022-02-04, 14:37#2 

Medlem sedan:
Aug 11, 2020
Why do people treat gay people like that in our country? It would be less of a problem if people already accepted the fact that we have the right to choose our partner. Gerard found a site for us that has okc personals and individual group chats. There is also a gay chat, it feels safe or something. If there were more such sites, there would be more scope for dating

- Inlägget ändrat 2022-02-04, 14:38 av Lavarda
Idag 16:15#3 

Medlem sedan:
Jan 20, 2021
I know that it is really hard to find love, especially online but if you know special features for it, here is which is a wonderful and really updated service for this purpose. The company is helping with getting to know a lot of different ways to meet with people. The interface is pretty clear and you can easily get in touch with people from various other countries.
MyLoan - Jämför billån

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